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Residential and commercial security systems is our main focus.  We use all Honeywell equipment, the #1 manufacturer in the US for alarm equipment.  Our systems are monitored 24/7 365 and you can control your system remotely using your smartphone/tablet/pc.  Receive text notifications for alarms, arms/disarms etc...  To check out our services click below.


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Free walkthroughs with one of our technicians.  We schedule at exact times so you don't have to waste your day waiting on a 4hr time window.



N&D Security has been a key partner in the successful operation of our home since it was in the construction phase almost 4 years ago today. The service spans anything imaginable from wiring, analyzing different equipment options, implementing effective alarm and intercom systems to the simple but important issues of programming all of the devices. Almost 4 years later, the relationship continues and thrives with N&D but one phone call away from handling any new equipment or maintenance issue that arises. It is this type of turnkey solution that is simply critical in the busy lives that we lead. I enthusiastically endorse N&D Security....
— Michael Desantis, Washington DC
Let this serve as an unqualified endorsement of N&D Security. In our case, Toby DeBarr and his associates did all the security, audio, video and telephone work in our new home, starting with the wiring and - even today, well after our move-in, answering questions or coming by to make a minor adjustment or explain something. Toby came to us highly recommended and he met our every expectation, always with knowledge and resourcefulness, patience and even with a smile. We wholeheartedly recommend him and N & D.
— SPB, N.W. Washington, DC
After researching home security systems/monitoring for a few weeks I was more confused than the day I started. Many options and many ways to go. I call N&D, spoke with Perry and he was just honest and helpful from the first call. Went over options, pricing, and then then they came to give an estimate. These guys are awesome! Family business, very professional/quick and clean install and a very easy system to use. They do more than just home security/monitoring, and I am sure they are awesome at every service they offer. Cannot recommend these guys enough. If you are reading, Thanks guys.
— Craig, Great Falls, VA
We used N&D for years back when we lived in the DC Area. Always reliable and there when you need them
— Danny Moore, Arlington, VA



Our main objective is to be honest and real with everyone we speak with.  With so many large companies existing today you can't get a straight answer about anything and when you have a problem there is no remorse from the mega companies - you deal with someone who isn't invested in the company who honestly doesn't care.  We treat people as we would like to be treated, we guarantee great work and a constant line of communication to fix any problems that may arise as quickly as we possibly can.  We want to keep you satisfied so being with N&D is a plus not a hassle.  


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company bio

We have been an Arlington Virginia based company since 1978 and is family owned and operated.  Everyone in the company has 15 years or more in the security field, we know it in and out.  The N&D family is passionate about protecting our homes and loved ones, we extend that to everyone we come into contact with.  Our interest in technology and electronics is the fabric that holds the company together, we really do love what we do.  We are most known for residential and commercial security systems with 24/7 365 monitoring.  Along the way we took up many other services as the industry and times changed.  As a result we do lots of A/V and surveillance work.  We want to keep providing up to date equipment and great service with real people you will get to know and trust.  Mega companies with their poor customer service are so frustrating, we strive to create the exact opposite experience at N&D.