Home Security Systems

Our systems are designed to protect all accessible entries of your home, as opposed to the gimmicky one door/one motion detector systems pushed by the national chains. We utilize Door sensors, Window sensors, Motion detectors, Glass break detectors, Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, Panic buttons and more. Our installations generally take 1-3 hours, after which we will teach you how to operate the system and the accompanying app.

  • No Long-Term Contracts

  • Competitive Pricing Guaranteed

  • No Large Time Windows

  • Free Standard Service Visits


Monitoring options

Monitoring centers ready 24/7/365 with professionals there to check on you within seconds of an activation or dispatch the police, fire trucks or ambulance depending on the signal they receive.

Basic monitoring using your landline:  $300.00 per year includes service/maintenance

WiFi/Cellular monitoring with remote access capabilities:  $420.00 per year includes service/maintenance


Transfer your ADT system to N&D

We work with much of the same hardware as ADT, meaning that most of the time we can take over existing systems with little or no upfront cost. When customers leave ADT for N&D, they benefit from our superior customer service and save $100+ per year on monitoring.

Remote Access

Use a free mobile app to arm or disarm, customize alerts for text/email/phone or check your history from anywhere.  Your system can also be accessed from a tablet or pc.  Be connected or notified in seconds of anything happening at your home, peace of mind at its finest!  



For around $2,000.00 we offer a fully wired 4-camera system. That means the cameras are wired to power and to a centrally located DVR. The DVR holds around 30 days of continuous footage. You can view live or playback video on the monitor next to the DVR or on your phone inside the app. The cameras are day/night 2mp color cameras and we hide all wiring making it look professional - that is the toughest part, making the wiring look as neat as possible on a finished home. We have maintained a 100% satisfaction rate and have yet to find a home we could not do. This is a bit more upfront then the Ring or Nest cameras but you have continuous video footage and you don’t have a monthly fee! If you have 4 Ring cameras and want more than a day or a week of video stored you’re going to pay hundreds per year.